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Our MISSION to facilitate a Recovery-Oriented System of Care that promotes mental health and supports the recovery of those who need treatment for mental illness and/or addiction has resulted in a Strategic Plan that reflects the following goals for Fiscal Years 2019-2020:

  1. Provide a high-quality, recovery-oriented continuum of care for mental health and addiction services that meets community and consumer needs.
  2. Ensure strong and viable contract agencies.
  3. Improve timely access to mental health and addiction services.
  4. Increase education, prevention, awareness, and training opportunities.
  5. Improve customer satisfaction and quality of care.

The five principles at the forefront of the Strategic Plan are:

➢ Focusing on Clients and Families

➢ Ensuring Timely Access to Care

➢ Promoting Healthy, Safe, and Drug-Free Communities

➢ Prioritizing Accountable and Outcome-Driven Financing

➢ Locally Managing Systems of Care

STRATEGIC PLAN – 2018 2020