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Mental Health and Recovery Services Board Noble County Renewal Levy

The Mental Health & Recovery Services Board is responsible, by law, for ensuring the availability of high-quality mental health and alcohol/drug recovery services to residents of Muskingum, Coshocton, Guernsey, Morgan, Noble and Perry Counties. One way the Board meets this mandate is to generate local public support through tax levies.

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How we're KEEPING help close to home:

Can’t get much for 19 cents these days?

In Noble County,
you get a lot for 19 cents!

That’s all you pay each day* to keep mental health and (addiction) recovery services

in our county.


We’ve been good stewards of these pennies for more than 35 years and in times like these, our county needs those services... more than ever!

* based on a $100,000 property value

It’s local funding helping local agencies helping local people… Your neighbors... Your family... Your friends… Your peace of mind.



• The Board is seeking a renewal of the .8 (8/10)      mill levy which has been in effect since 1988.      The levy will run for 10 years.


• We are only to renew what is currently being


• Approximate cost to property owner, based on

  current property calculations:  Based on $100,000

  home:  $70.00/year; $5.83/month; $0.19/day.


• Only Noble County residents are served by

  Noble County levy revenue.  This included

  638 residents in Calendar Year 2022.  The Board

  can use levy funds in a more flexible way than

  state or federal dollars which are often set for

  very specific purposes.


Those who are able to pay for services do so according to their financial ability.  No one is turned away because of inability to pay.


Sheriff Jason Mackie
Brian Hesson - Probation Officer
Commissioner Allen Fraley
Shawn Ray - Health Commissioner
Melanie Schott - Service Coordinator
Jennifer Croucher - School Nurse

I want to help with the levy!

Noble County Levy
I would help by:

Thanks for helping!

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